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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Author:Gary Paulson

Review:I would recommend this book to anyone, but most importantly someone that loves a great survival story. It's more of a book for 9 to 15 year olds but it depends on what type of story you like , even adults would love it.I would personally rate it 10 out of 10 - that's how good it is.

Description: This book is about survival completely, it's funny because of its disgusting vomits and stupid choices. Brian Robeson is a New York city boy and doesn't have a clue about survival. His Mum and Dad have split up and moved to completely different places. Brian is traveling to see his Dad..... and then every thing stops.....

I hope you like the sound of hatchet because I know you'll love it.

By Issey


hatchet; noun (plural hatchets), a small axe.

Brian Robeson was a normal 13 year old boy until his plane crashed in the Canadian wilderness. With the pilot dead and the plane sunk, he is forced to survive with nothing but his clothes, shoes and one tool - a hatchet! He must face bears, smelly skunks, prickly porcupines, an angry moose and a giant killer tornado! Do you like suspense? Do you like adventure? Well I advise you read hatchet!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You just hopped on a plane . A stupid secret brought you here. why? why ? The pilot is just fine, just fine .... Wait... Crash! Boom! Scream, Water, Up, Land, Stranded , Where ? No where, just a stupid secret ! This is what happened to Brian a city boy with his mum's secret . A Gary Paulsen story . Hatchet !

I recommend this book to 9 years and up . It's a very surprising book with fantastic language .


Are you looking for an action packed, mind blowing, out of this world thriller? Well if you said yes then you've come to the right blog! Hatchet is about a thirteen year old boy named Brian Robeson. His parents have just had a divorce and live in different countries and now he's on a small plane to Canada. On the way the pilot has a fatal heart attack, and the plane crashes into a lake in a remote area. Now he is forced to survive with nothing but the clothes on his back and his one and only tool - his hatchet!