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Friday, October 16, 2009

technology week

In week 8 for Grey Lynn School we had technology week. Our first activity was to make bird houses in groups. My group was me, Susanna, Jeremiah and Emily. We didn't have enough time because we kept on making mistakes. Our Bird house was ok, even though we only had 35 minutes. Any way the next day we went to room 12 to make bridges. We were only allowed to use 50 straws, string, cardboard and sellotape. Our bridge was so good that we have to share it at assembly on Friday. Our bridge held 3kgs. The day after that we made cars. My car had a wind screen, a spoiler and wheels. Our last activity was snail traps. Our snail trap wasn't as we planned because we cut it in the wrong place so we taped it all around the entry and it didn't work. My favourite activity was the cars because it was interesting.


Technology week

On Monday 7th of September we started Technology week. I was in Burt Munroe. We started off in room 15 by getting our topic after morning tea. In room 15 we made puff mobiles. We had 4 cheerios, 3 straws, 2 paper clips and a piece of paper. We had races and we had sections, big and small. I came 3rd place. The next day we moved to room 13 we made bird houses. We had 2 A4 papers, a piece of A4 plastic, 4 straws, 20 sheets of newspaper and a roll of tape. Our bird house bailed on the water test. On Wednesday we moved to room 12. We made bridges and all we had was a roll of tape, 50 straws, a piece of card board and 50 ice block sticks. The bridges had to hold 4 kg but I think that our bridge could have held more than 4 kg. Then the test - every one was nervous. Our group was celebrating after our bridge held 4 kg. On the last day we made snail traps in room 16. We had 30 straws,one roll of tape and 1 cup. Our groups trap name was called "Snail be gone".


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technology Week

My favorite part of technology week was making puff mobiles. We were only allowed to use 3 straws, 4 Cheerios (not the sausages the cereal),2 paperclips,1 A5 piece of paper, and 50 cm of tape. The catch is you can't touch it you need to blow on it. Mine was an origami box with an axle with wheels and a sail. I think it is always best to keep it low to the ground.

My least favorite part was making bird feeders. We were only allowed to use 20 A3 pieces of news paper, 2 pieces of normal A4 paper, 1 piece of A4 plastic, a role of selo-tape and 4 straws. The rules are:

* the platform must be 60 cm off the ground.
* it can hold water and food.
* it has a roof.
* it can't be taped to the ground.
Ours was good at looking good, but bad at staying up. Here is a tip. It's not so much about the strength of the poles holding it up (although that might help), it's more to do with the way they are held together.

Technology Week was great because we learnt tons of new stuff!

by Freeman('_')

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week was technology week. It was fun, awesome, and challenging. It went on for 4 days. Everyone got split into 4 groups, Hamilton, Pearse, Britten and Munroe. I was in Hamilton.

Monday: on the first day for technology week I went to room 13 (my class) with the rest of the Hamilton group. We made bird feeders. It needed to have a flat form with a roof. The flat form had to be 60cm off the ground. We got split into groups to make the bird feeders. James,Louie,and Charlie were in my group. We got 20 sheets of newspaper, 4 straws, 1 A4 piece of paper, 1 A4 piece of plastic and 2 meters of string. We needed to have a cup for food and a cup for the water. It was fun and hard but we used team work to get the job done.

Tuesday: on Tuesday Hamilton went to Room 12. We made bridges. We had to use 50 straws, 10 Popsicle sticks, 1 card board, 2m string and 1 roll of tape. As usual we got split into groups. I was with Tiari, Franky,and Daniel.V. My job was to cut the tape. It was too slow to cut it so I just bit it. Our bridge had to hold 4kgs.I n the end our bridge only held 3.5kgs.

Wednesday:on my favourite day of the week (Wednesday) Hamilton went to room 16,and we made snail traps, and as always we made them in groups. I was with James, Jeremiah, Joshua and we built our snail trap with 30 straws and 1 roll of sellotape. I had to do the tape. It was good that everyone participated.

Thursday: on the last day of technology week Hamilton went to room 15 to make puff-mobiles but this time we made them individually. Everyone had a bag that included 3 straws, 4 Cheerios, 1 piece of paper, 2 paper clips and 50cm of tape. After that we race them, and the only way you could make them move was to blow them. Mine didn't go very far.

Technology week was VERY challenging but VERY fun,i still miss it.

For technology week we got into groups and went to a different class every day to do a different activity . In room 12 we made bridges, in room 16 we made snail catchers,in room 15 we made puff-mobiles and in room 13 we made bird feeders.

The first classroom I went to was room 12. In room 12 we got 50 straws, a strip of cardboard, some popsicle sticks, and a roll of sellotape. You had to construct a bridge between 2 desks and it had to be a metre long. My group used a whole roll of sellotape but it wasn't a bad thing because our bridge held 4 kgs.

In room 16 we made snail catchers and the materials were 30 straws, a small plastic cup, and a roll of sellotape. Our groups design was a bit too complicated so our snail catcher didn't trap anything. The next class was room 15 and and in room 15 we made puff-mobiles. To make puff-mobiles we had a sheet of A5 paper, 4 cheerios, 2 paper clips and 4 straws. A puff-mobile is like a car and some people made really good ones that went really far. My puff-mobile wasn't that good but it was okay. When I blew it it bumped into someone else's.

The last classroom I went to was my own, Room 13. In my class we made bird feeders. We used 20 sheets of newspaper, 2 A4 sheets of paper,1 A4 sheet of plastic and a roll of sellotape. The bird feeders had to be 60 cm off the ground, hold water and hold food. Our bird feeder was really unstable so it didn't pass the test. In our classroom alone we also did a technology project. We made bird scarers. To make our bird scarers we had to make them a metre on all sides and it had to scare birds away from the scrap bin. You also needed to be able to easily get the materials from home or school without having to buy them. My idea was that if I used shiny things like cds then it might hurt their eyes and they would fly away. Lots of other people in the class had the same idea. My bird scarer turned out to be quite good and it seemed to work as well. The scarer also had cans and bottle tops and I used fishing line to tie it all up. I really enjoyed technology week and my favourite part was the bird scarers. I hope that I will be able to do it again some time.


Monday, September 21, 2009

technology week

Last week was technology week. Technology week is a week where we get into groups and we rotate around the classrooms and have tasks that we have to do.

Monday: my group (William Hamilton) went to my classroom (room 13 ). In our classroom we made bird feeders but the bird feeder had to be one metre off the ground and had to be made out of 4 straws, 2 pieces of A4 paper , 20 sheets of newspaper and one sheet of plastic. It was pretty hard you really did have to work as a team! Unfortunately it wasn't such a success the water container leaked

Tuesday: on Tuesday my group made a bridge in room 12 with Nicky out of 50 straws,1 roll of sellotape,10 popsicle sticks,2 metres of string and 1 huge sheet of card board. It was very hard and had to hold 4 kg.

Wednesday: on Wednesday we made snail traps our snail traps had to be made out of around 20 straws, a cup and a roll of sellotape this was probably the hardest task of all though our snail trap worked!

Thursday: this was our last day and we were making puff mobiles in room 15 with Miss Margaret though Dorothy was taking it that day. We were given 2 paperclips, 4 Cheerios and one piece of paper. Mine wasn't the best but it still worked!

Wow what a fun week I cant wait for next time!


My reflection on technology week!!!!

This week rooms 12,13,15 and room 16 have been all taking part in an activity called technology week.
Technology week is when all of the kids from each room get put into 4 groups,this week the groups were called
Monroe , Britten, Hamilton and Pearse all the last names of famous people that have either done something famous or invented something famous that we now use.

On day 1 meaning Monday the group called Hamilton went to room 13 and the group called Monroe went to room 12 and the other group called Britten went to room 15 and pearse went to room 16.

Each day every group rotated so whoever was in room 13 would go to room 12 and whoever was in room 12 went to room 16 and whoever was in room 16 went to room 15 and whoever was in room 15 went to room 13.
In all the rooms we were given a brief which was a problem that we were given and we had to find a way to solve it with the items we were given.

In room 13 the problem was that we had to design a bird feeder with a food holder and also a water container that can hold
10 ml of water it also had to have a platform that was 60cm off the ground and it had to balance for 30 second.

In room 12 the brief was that you had to create a bridge that can hold 3 kgs using straws 2 desks and 1 roll of sellotape
and that was it.

But in rooms 15 and 16 it was completely different we had to make a snail trap and a cherio cars[not the sausage the cereal]

Room 15 had the cherio non sausage cars and in room 16 it was snail traps but all of the activities were cool!!!

I thought that technology week was awesome because personally it showed me that you can make a lot out of a little!

Yours sincerely Harmony your room 13 buddy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

technology week!-Issey

On the 7th of september 2009,the Kowhai team at our school had technology week. How it works is we get put in 4 groups and then go around each classroom doing something to do with technology week. There are 4 classrooms in the Kowhai team. The 4 groups were Monro, Pearse, Hamilton and Britton.
On Monday my group Pearse went to Room 16. We were making snail traps. My group's was probably one of the best, but we didn't catch any thing. Anyway the only materials we could use were:30 straws,1 cup,and sellotape.

On Tuesday i went to Room 15. I think that this project was the most fun. We were making PUFF MOBILES. In this project we got to do it by ourselves. Me and my friend Lucy kept breaking and then eating our cheerios. For this project we got to use: 4 straws, 1 piece of paper, 4 cheerios and sellotape. Mine didn't go very far but it was fun.

On Wednesday i was in my class, Room 13. This task was quite hard. My group's didn't work. It just fell over and collapsed. We had to make a bird feeder only out of news paper, sellotape, 1 A4 piece of plastic and 4 pieces of A4 paper, and 4 straws. So of course ours wouldn't work.

Thursday was our last day. We were in room 12 and got to make bridges. Finally I got to be in a group with Sophie. I think our bridge was the best and our team worked really well together. All of the teams bridges could hold more than 4 kilos.
Throughout the week our class was making a technology progect to keep the birds away from the gardens. Most people made scarecrows but I made a bird house to attract the birds away from the gardens into my bird house. In the end it did work so I was pleased.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Room13 Technology Projects

In room 13 we made technology projects.Our brief was to create a bird scaring device that would help to keep birds away from the school gardens. It had to be 1metre times 1metre times 1metre and able to be made out materials easily found at school and/or home. Every kid in room 13 had to do the project by themselves.

We had to draft our ideas before even starting to build the actual project.We had to draw a range of designs and choose which idea you thought would be the most effective and all the pieces that would easily be found at school and home.

When some of the drafts where finished and checked we finally got going. Some of us ran into problems and had to modify our projects and others didn't. After a while all of us (room13 kids) were onto creating our projects. I was the first one finished creating and onto testing.

The test proved that my project worked and I didn't have to modify my project. I tested my project over the scrap bin and the test results were significant. 30 pigeons and sparrows unable or should I say too scared to get in or to the scrap bin. Compared to the day before without my project you could really tell the difference. The test results were 29 sparrows and pigeons able to get to the bin and get in without my project and 30 pigeons and sparrows unable to get to or in the scrap bin with my project.

By Alex .V.

Sculptures in their natural habitats

New Zealand's Next Top Biscuit!

Biscuit Street - The Movie

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Technology week!

This week in the whole of the Senior School we did technology week. It
was based on technology and the inventions of New Zealand inventors. We did
four rotations on different challenges every day. We did some challenges on
Burt Munro like when we had to make a puff mobile out of...
.a piece of paper
.three straws
.four cheerios
.two paper clips
and a 50 cm tape of cello tape and race them by blowing.

We made a bridge across two tables with 4kg and some people did 11kg, a snail trap, and a bird feeder that had to be at lest 60cm off the ground. All of these things have changed my thinking. For example, thinking about how the bridge is going to hold 4kg or even 11kg and be stable, how the snail is going to be trapped in my trap, how to make the bird feeders legs to be stable and hold the water.

So technology week has really changed my thinking and always will. It helps you to do some other things in life, too. I liked making the bridge, and the puff mobile. I liked technology week a lot but the snail trap was the hardest of all.
by max.

Technology Week

In week 8 the kowhai team had technology week. We had lots of fun, we did stuff like building puff mobiles out of 3 straws, 1 piece of paper, 2 meters of sellotape and 4 cheerios. Next we made bird feeders, out of 20 pieces of news paper, one roll of sellotape 2 pieces of A4 paper and one piece of A4 plastic and 4 straws. We also did bridge building, we had to build them out of 1 piece of card board, 50 straws, 1 roll of sellotape and 10 ice block sticks. It had to hold 4 kg. Wow! Finally we made snail traps out of 30 straws, 1 little cup and a little roll of sellotape. My favourite thing to do was making the snail traps and puff mobiles. The hardest thing to do was building the snail traps.One of the hard things about the snail traps is that we started doing one idea and then we said that it wasn't going to work so then we did the other idea.


Emily's technology week


This whole week at Grey Lynn Primary we had technology week. We were all divided into four groups named Hamilton, Britten, Pearse and Munro. I was in Hamilton. It was amazing working with other people and Teachers too. On Monday I was in room 13 making a bird house with Michelle and Emily. I was in a group of four: Me, ,Jaclyn, Jeremia and Rishan. It was fun but abit of a challenge for me. Then on Tuesday I was in Nicky's class making a briage that has to hold 3 kgs. That was fantastic. I was placed into a group of three - Me, Louis and Toshi. On Wednesday I went into room 16 (Otalahi's class) to make a snail trap. That was a big challage for me again, because I was placed into a group of six. That was hard because everyone had so many ideas. Then on Thursday I was in room 15, the last class. This one was only for individual work. This activity was to make a puff mobile. It was crazy cause everyone had their own ideas and there were no arguments over anything. That's why I think it was my favourite activity out of the other activities of the week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


These last 4 days we have had technology week. It was fun. We got to make things like bridges, cars, snail traps and bird feeds. The first thing we did was snail traps. We had 20 straws, 1 cup, 1/2 a roll of cello tape and scissors. When we made ours ( me and my group ) our plan was to put the cup under the ground and cut a hole on the top and put some double sided tape at the bottom so if a snail falls in it will get stuck to the bottom and it....................DIDN'T WORK! We got 0 snails.
Then we did the puff mobile. For materials we had 3 straws, 4 cheerios ( the cereal ) two paper clips and 50 Cms of tape. My plan was to put more sail per gram by putting a big sail on a kind of big car but apparently that won't work and you know what, they were right! It came 12th :-(.

Then we did the bird house. It had to hold 2 tsp of water and a foodtray and stand up and have a roof. Our plan was to make a base out of one piece of paper and make the 5 legs out of news paper and then a water container out of plastic and make the food tray out of the rest of the paper and for the fist time it worked (nearly) when they put the water and then it fell over!

technology week reflection

Last week in the kowhai team we had a technology week rotation. In each class was a different technology challenge. My favourite challenge was the bridge making in room 12, for it you had to build a bridge between a 50cm gap. In my group was Rishan and Tori our bridge held 3.504 kg. In room 16 you made snail traps, in room 13 you made bird feeders and in room 15 you made puff mobiles. My hardest challenge was the snail traps because it was hard to actually trap the snail and keep it in the trap and all you got to use was 30 small straws, one small plastic cup and a roll of cello tape. Also in room 13 (my class) was hard because my group designed ours to be in a tree but in the challenge it had to be attached to the ground and the platform had to be 60cm off the ground. Technology week was really fun and I hope I have it at Intermediate.


the best week ever!

Technology week was great! My favourite activity was bridge making.
You had to make a bridge a meter long out of: A piece of card bored(80cm long),
50 straws, a roll of sellotape, 10 Popsicles sticks and 2 meters of string. Our bridge
weighed 4kg's. My second favourite activity was the puff Mobile. You had to make a
wind powered car out of:a piece of A4 paper,3 straws, 2 paper clips,4 Cheerios and
1 meter of sellotape. The other activityies were making a snail trap and making a bird
house with limited items. They were an utter failure...

By Ed

Technology Week

Hola Everyone,

This week the Kowhai team had technology week. We rotated around different classes and did really interesting things. I went to room 16 first. Our project was to make snail traps for our new gardens. We could only use 30 straws, 1 plastic cup and a roll of sellotape. In the end our trap came 2nd place because we didn't use as much team work as the winning team. In room 15 we made puff mobiles. We also had very limited materials then too. We raced our little vehicles. Out of all the kids I came 12th AWESOME! In room 13 we made bird feeders it was very stressfull. Finally in room 12 we made bridges. Our one held 8kgs some others held up to 11kgs. Making bridges was probably my favourite. Technology was very skillfull and challenging. I liked working as a team and racing against time!!! Tecnology week was super duper fun. Thanks to the teachers who helped make technology week happen!

Yours Sincerely, Olivia Room 13.

Monday, September 14, 2009

the fabulous technology week

Day 1 : On day 1 at about 10:55 Emily ( our student teacher ) wrote something up on the board. It was written up with the classes names split into groups with room numbers next to it. .Just as I wondered what it was there for Emily told us .We were all split into group for technology week. For technology week we would going to be going to different teachers in the senior school and do different things. the first thing after lunch was go into miss Margaret's class room 15 . There we were making puff -mobiles . But there was a twist . we could only use :

4 straws
4 Cheerios
1 A4 piece of paper
2 paper clips
50 cm of tape

I got to work straight away ! Rip, cut, bang finally I was finished . I tested it out ! It was fabulous ! It came 2nd out of 24 people!

Day 2 : Day 2 I was with Emily in room 13 (my class room) . There we made bird houses. Our materials were :

20 pieces of paper
2 m of string
1 roll of tape
1 A4 piece of plastic
2 piece of A4 paper
4 straws

My group did well ! It could hold 2 teaspoons of water . The platform was 62 cm off the ground !

Day 3 :On day 3 I was with Nicky. We were making bridges with:

50 straws
9 sticks
170 cm of tape

The bridges had to hold 4 kg or more . My groups one held 4 kg . It could have held more.

Day 4 : On day 4 I made snail traps . There the group made a great snail trap . Hopefully it worked!

Day 1 (of technology in the class) : Emily told us that we had to do a project of our own. The project had to scare away garden pests . A project that could be no bigger than 1m by 1m by 1m . I immediately started !

Day 2 : Day 2 I brought in my materials . I then started working on it . Sweat poured down (not really). By the time I knew it was time to tidy up .

Day 3 : I built my project. It was fantastic and it had every thing it needed A cup full of water ready to spring on the bird . A stick to trigger the water . An upside down yogurt pot to hold every thing together.

Day 4 : I tested it out ! It was brilliant ! No birds came ! No birds at all !

I hope it will work if someone else makes it .

By Shayla

Reflection on Technology Week

-Rotation 1 Monday 7th 2009 class: 12

On Monday I went to Nicky's class and we did bridges I was in a group of four. They were Me, Jericho, Logan and Michael.
I thought that we worked really well as a group because we all had different ideas and we put them
together to make a really stable bridge.
The Materials that we used were:
1 piece of cardboard
1 meter of string
50 straws
1 roll of sellotape
Our bridge held 3.5kg we came second. The group that came first held 4KGS.

-Rotation 2 Tuesday 8th 2009 class: 16

In room 16 we did snail traps. I was in a group of four with Ariana, Sam, Faalollo and me.
We had:
30 Straws
1 roll of tape
1 cup
We went to test our snail trap. It looked perfect in the garden hopefully it will work.
Otalani tested it at night. The snail tried to get in but it didn't work because the hole was too small.

-Rotation 3 Wednesday 2009 class: 15

On Wednesday in room 15 we did puff mobiles we had:
4 Cheerios
3 straws
50cm of tape
1 piece of paper
Mine came 3rd It was really fun!

-Rotation 4 Thursday 2009 class: 13

In room 13 we did bird feeders our materials were:
1 roll of tape
30 Newspaper papers
1 meter of string
After we finished making them we did the water test my group came 1st equal!


technology week

Monday: this week our school did technology week we did all sortes of things.The first class I went to was room 15 we made puff mobiles. The materials needed were:
3 straws
4 cherios,
1 piece of paper,
2 paper clips and
50 m of tape.
Puff mobiles are like paper cars but you have to blow them on a race track.I had a great time in room 15.

Tuesday: on the 8th I went to room 13 (my class) we made bird feeders. Our materials were:
20 pieces of newspaper
4 straws
a roll of tape
and a piece of plastic paper
In my team were keston, Bennet, Sarah and me. Our bird feeder did not work but we gave it a try.

Wednesday: on the 9th I went to room 12. We made bridges out of:
1 piece of cardboard
10 popsicle sticks
50 straws
2m of string
and a roll of tape
our bridge held 4 kgs.

Thursday: On the 10 I went to room 16 we made snail traps our materals were:
1 cup
20-30 straws
I dont know if it worked but hopefully it did.


Techno Week

Hola Everyone,
This week we have been doing Technology Week in the kowhai team (the seniors). Now I will tell you all about it.
Rotation 1- Otalani's class-Snail traps
On Monday I was making snail traps with Otalani. The only things we were allowed to use to make the snail trap were:
1 small plastic cup
30 straws
and 1 roll of sellotape that's all ! My group was Me , Julius,Joe and Susanna. Our snail trap did NOT work!It was really fun making it my group had a lot of laughs along the way.

Rotation 2-Margaret's class-Puff mobiles
On Tuesday we were in Room 15 our only material we had were:
3 straws
4 Cheerios (the breakfast cereal)
1 piece of paper
2 paperclips
and 50cm tape
That's all we had to make a car that we could blow along with our breath! It was really fun making it and mine was in the top 7!

Rotation 3-Emily's class-Bird feeders
On Wednesday we were making bird feeders our materials:
20 sheets of newspaper
1roll of sellotape
1 sheet of A4 plastic
2m string
2 sheets A4 paper
and 4 straws
These bird feeders had to be able to hold 10ml of water and ours did NOT work!

Last one, rotation 4-Nikki's class-Bridges
In this class we had to make a bridge that would hold 4 KG!
We had
50 straws
10 Popsicle sticks
1 sheet of cardboard
1 roll of sellotape
and 1 m string
Ours did hold 4kg, it much more, it held 11.5kg!!!

This Technology rotation has been AWESOME but I'm not going to have another one at this school.
But I hope this information makes you want to have your own Technology Week.

Yours Sincerely

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Author:Gary Paulson

Review:I would recommend this book to anyone, but most importantly someone that loves a great survival story. It's more of a book for 9 to 15 year olds but it depends on what type of story you like , even adults would love it.I would personally rate it 10 out of 10 - that's how good it is.

Description: This book is about survival completely, it's funny because of its disgusting vomits and stupid choices. Brian Robeson is a New York city boy and doesn't have a clue about survival. His Mum and Dad have split up and moved to completely different places. Brian is traveling to see his Dad..... and then every thing stops.....

I hope you like the sound of hatchet because I know you'll love it.

By Issey


hatchet; noun (plural hatchets), a small axe.

Brian Robeson was a normal 13 year old boy until his plane crashed in the Canadian wilderness. With the pilot dead and the plane sunk, he is forced to survive with nothing but his clothes, shoes and one tool - a hatchet! He must face bears, smelly skunks, prickly porcupines, an angry moose and a giant killer tornado! Do you like suspense? Do you like adventure? Well I advise you read hatchet!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You just hopped on a plane . A stupid secret brought you here. why? why ? The pilot is just fine, just fine .... Wait... Crash! Boom! Scream, Water, Up, Land, Stranded , Where ? No where, just a stupid secret ! This is what happened to Brian a city boy with his mum's secret . A Gary Paulsen story . Hatchet !

I recommend this book to 9 years and up . It's a very surprising book with fantastic language .


Are you looking for an action packed, mind blowing, out of this world thriller? Well if you said yes then you've come to the right blog! Hatchet is about a thirteen year old boy named Brian Robeson. His parents have just had a divorce and live in different countries and now he's on a small plane to Canada. On the way the pilot has a fatal heart attack, and the plane crashes into a lake in a remote area. Now he is forced to survive with nothing but the clothes on his back and his one and only tool - his hatchet!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today Sienna had an outfit change. She seemed really tired today and she stayed in her bed for pretty much the whole day. I have noticed that she has a crack in the back of her head. i hope that she doesn't break.

At school

Today at school Gracey rose watched her friends Senia and Garfunkel do a really funny dance !

At Home

Tonight Gracey went to Mia's house . Because I had a netball game and then I went to musical theatre plus I had to go to night church! Hope she had a really good night .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today Hugo saw Mini Market for the first time in his life although about 90% of the food was $1 and Hugo didn't approve of it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

From Jeff's Diary:

Today Jeff was born.I could not make him a house so I flated with Jedd's Jeff in his house. When it was lunch I gave Jeff to Shayla to look after at school. When I got home I used a shoe box to make him a house out of.
Today Jeffry had lost his friends; and most importantantly, his life. He was doing the bungy jump off the Harbour Bridge. He jumped off with no gear and do you know how fast he was going when he hit the water? After that day rescue boats were looking for him. From that day on nobody found one single sign of Jeffry the biscuit.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shopping at St Luke's

On the 25th of May Bella and I went to St Luke's.
We had $300 dollars to spend! I ask her "Do you like this outfit?" and she just stands there with a big smile on her face. Then I thought well she must like it so I brought a pink star top for her. We were walking past a few shops and i heard somebody crying. I thought it was Bella because she might not have liked the top I had brought! Luckily it was another baby! I looked back at Bella and she was smiling away!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Sunny's Diary

Hello Everybody,
My name is Sunny and I am going to tell you about my day with Lucy.
Today is very cold.We are at Robbie's soccer game,and the score so far is 4-0 to us yay!
We met Annabelle and Issey there and we went into the car to warm up. Issey and Lucy talked and drank hot chocolate.
They wanted to dunk us in the hot chocolate, but we didn't let them because they would have been in a bit of trouble
with their teacher!
By Lucy
P.S We won the soccer game 10-0!

Dear everybody
Today was a cold day. I got all wrapped up and went to school. I brought a dollar for the mini market and got a cupcake. I'm wondering if a biscuit can eat a cupcake, but it looks good. Today I was lucky I had a friend over. Her name was Chloe we had a play
love MILO.


My cracker is a invader and it is evil... it was evil from a young age and it tried to take over the world BUT no one accepted him. Now he has returned to rage upon the biscuits and seeks REVENGE! He has not started his reign yet but there have been mysterious deaths and a move will be coming out soon. So keep your eye out for HIM!

by JOE and EVIL cracker

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bloggin' Biscuits

We have been learning how to keep ourselves and other people safe. For a practice, Michelle gave us all a biscuit. Not to eat (shall we say it again cannibals Liam & Jedd?), but to biscuit-sit! We gave them personalities (it's amazing what a sharpie can do) and names, built them houses and made them clothes. It's every biscuits dream to have parents like us! We looked after them 24-5 (when we didn't have them in Shayla's daycare or got our mums to look after them!) Now they have ambition...to be in the movies. keep watching..........

From Bobby's Diary:

"Yesterday Rita broke Bob's head off when I was at soccer "on accident". Luckily he was reborn with a new hairstyle, and a new house and karate suit (he's a brown belt). He is now fine"

From Garfunkel's Diary:

It's Wednesday and Garfunkel almost fell out of her house! I'll have to be a bit more careful. Yawn........I'm so tired its 8:25, almost bedtime. Mum looked after Garfunkel while I was at netball. She and Garfunkel were cheering on the sideline. YAY!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From Bobby's Diary:

"Today bobby is watching t.v. Then I ask "what are you watching?" he says "I don't know" then I ask "Is it appropriate?" he says "No" then I say "Turn it off" he says "No" then I say "Turn it off" and he says "Whatever". I ask "Have you done anything other than watch T.V" he says "No".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our first day with our blog!

We had a meltdown this morning. First, the data projector wouldn't work. It had a keypad lock. What is a keypad lock? We had to find 2 extension cords to plug in our laptop. Our teacher was loudly asking for help. We were desperate ! Then the computer screen wouldn't come on.  After we fixed everything the power went down and then we couldn't do anything that required us to use electricity - like the computer. We ran, we wrote, we did Maths, we waited. It looked like it wasn't going to be our day. 

Then 2 wonderful things happened - the power came back on and our teacher cornered Mrs Fale in the staffroom and she helped get us all sorted.

So after all this, we still want to learn about blogging. We are learning to consider our audience when writing and think blogging is a good way to achieve it.

What do you think?