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Greetings Earthlings! This is the Room 13 blog. We have made this blog to showcase our work to the world...Our school is in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and it has around 320 kids. We are the oldest, so have lots of responsibilities...patrols, librarians, class leaders, monitors, technicians, band....it's so stressful being us!! Keep checking out our blog. We'll have videos, photos and examples of our work. We guarantee this blog will be out of this world.........
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today Sienna had an outfit change. She seemed really tired today and she stayed in her bed for pretty much the whole day. I have noticed that she has a crack in the back of her head. i hope that she doesn't break.

At school

Today at school Gracey rose watched her friends Senia and Garfunkel do a really funny dance !

At Home

Tonight Gracey went to Mia's house . Because I had a netball game and then I went to musical theatre plus I had to go to night church! Hope she had a really good night .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today Hugo saw Mini Market for the first time in his life although about 90% of the food was $1 and Hugo didn't approve of it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

From Jeff's Diary:

Today Jeff was born.I could not make him a house so I flated with Jedd's Jeff in his house. When it was lunch I gave Jeff to Shayla to look after at school. When I got home I used a shoe box to make him a house out of.
Today Jeffry had lost his friends; and most importantantly, his life. He was doing the bungy jump off the Harbour Bridge. He jumped off with no gear and do you know how fast he was going when he hit the water? After that day rescue boats were looking for him. From that day on nobody found one single sign of Jeffry the biscuit.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shopping at St Luke's

On the 25th of May Bella and I went to St Luke's.
We had $300 dollars to spend! I ask her "Do you like this outfit?" and she just stands there with a big smile on her face. Then I thought well she must like it so I brought a pink star top for her. We were walking past a few shops and i heard somebody crying. I thought it was Bella because she might not have liked the top I had brought! Luckily it was another baby! I looked back at Bella and she was smiling away!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Sunny's Diary

Hello Everybody,
My name is Sunny and I am going to tell you about my day with Lucy.
Today is very cold.We are at Robbie's soccer game,and the score so far is 4-0 to us yay!
We met Annabelle and Issey there and we went into the car to warm up. Issey and Lucy talked and drank hot chocolate.
They wanted to dunk us in the hot chocolate, but we didn't let them because they would have been in a bit of trouble
with their teacher!
By Lucy
P.S We won the soccer game 10-0!

Dear everybody
Today was a cold day. I got all wrapped up and went to school. I brought a dollar for the mini market and got a cupcake. I'm wondering if a biscuit can eat a cupcake, but it looks good. Today I was lucky I had a friend over. Her name was Chloe we had a play
love MILO.


My cracker is a invader and it is evil... it was evil from a young age and it tried to take over the world BUT no one accepted him. Now he has returned to rage upon the biscuits and seeks REVENGE! He has not started his reign yet but there have been mysterious deaths and a move will be coming out soon. So keep your eye out for HIM!

by JOE and EVIL cracker