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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technology Week

My favorite part of technology week was making puff mobiles. We were only allowed to use 3 straws, 4 Cheerios (not the sausages the cereal),2 paperclips,1 A5 piece of paper, and 50 cm of tape. The catch is you can't touch it you need to blow on it. Mine was an origami box with an axle with wheels and a sail. I think it is always best to keep it low to the ground.

My least favorite part was making bird feeders. We were only allowed to use 20 A3 pieces of news paper, 2 pieces of normal A4 paper, 1 piece of A4 plastic, a role of selo-tape and 4 straws. The rules are:

* the platform must be 60 cm off the ground.
* it can hold water and food.
* it has a roof.
* it can't be taped to the ground.
Ours was good at looking good, but bad at staying up. Here is a tip. It's not so much about the strength of the poles holding it up (although that might help), it's more to do with the way they are held together.

Technology Week was great because we learnt tons of new stuff!

by Freeman('_')

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