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Greetings Earthlings! This is the Room 13 blog. We have made this blog to showcase our work to the world...Our school is in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and it has around 320 kids. We are the oldest, so have lots of responsibilities...patrols, librarians, class leaders, monitors, technicians, band....it's so stressful being us!! Keep checking out our blog. We'll have videos, photos and examples of our work. We guarantee this blog will be out of this world.........
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Technology week

On Monday 7th of September we started Technology week. I was in Burt Munroe. We started off in room 15 by getting our topic after morning tea. In room 15 we made puff mobiles. We had 4 cheerios, 3 straws, 2 paper clips and a piece of paper. We had races and we had sections, big and small. I came 3rd place. The next day we moved to room 13 we made bird houses. We had 2 A4 papers, a piece of A4 plastic, 4 straws, 20 sheets of newspaper and a roll of tape. Our bird house bailed on the water test. On Wednesday we moved to room 12. We made bridges and all we had was a roll of tape, 50 straws, a piece of card board and 50 ice block sticks. The bridges had to hold 4 kg but I think that our bridge could have held more than 4 kg. Then the test - every one was nervous. Our group was celebrating after our bridge held 4 kg. On the last day we made snail traps in room 16. We had 30 straws,one roll of tape and 1 cup. Our groups trap name was called "Snail be gone".


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