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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For technology week we got into groups and went to a different class every day to do a different activity . In room 12 we made bridges, in room 16 we made snail catchers,in room 15 we made puff-mobiles and in room 13 we made bird feeders.

The first classroom I went to was room 12. In room 12 we got 50 straws, a strip of cardboard, some popsicle sticks, and a roll of sellotape. You had to construct a bridge between 2 desks and it had to be a metre long. My group used a whole roll of sellotape but it wasn't a bad thing because our bridge held 4 kgs.

In room 16 we made snail catchers and the materials were 30 straws, a small plastic cup, and a roll of sellotape. Our groups design was a bit too complicated so our snail catcher didn't trap anything. The next class was room 15 and and in room 15 we made puff-mobiles. To make puff-mobiles we had a sheet of A5 paper, 4 cheerios, 2 paper clips and 4 straws. A puff-mobile is like a car and some people made really good ones that went really far. My puff-mobile wasn't that good but it was okay. When I blew it it bumped into someone else's.

The last classroom I went to was my own, Room 13. In my class we made bird feeders. We used 20 sheets of newspaper, 2 A4 sheets of paper,1 A4 sheet of plastic and a roll of sellotape. The bird feeders had to be 60 cm off the ground, hold water and hold food. Our bird feeder was really unstable so it didn't pass the test. In our classroom alone we also did a technology project. We made bird scarers. To make our bird scarers we had to make them a metre on all sides and it had to scare birds away from the scrap bin. You also needed to be able to easily get the materials from home or school without having to buy them. My idea was that if I used shiny things like cds then it might hurt their eyes and they would fly away. Lots of other people in the class had the same idea. My bird scarer turned out to be quite good and it seemed to work as well. The scarer also had cans and bottle tops and I used fishing line to tie it all up. I really enjoyed technology week and my favourite part was the bird scarers. I hope that I will be able to do it again some time.


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