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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week was technology week. It was fun, awesome, and challenging. It went on for 4 days. Everyone got split into 4 groups, Hamilton, Pearse, Britten and Munroe. I was in Hamilton.

Monday: on the first day for technology week I went to room 13 (my class) with the rest of the Hamilton group. We made bird feeders. It needed to have a flat form with a roof. The flat form had to be 60cm off the ground. We got split into groups to make the bird feeders. James,Louie,and Charlie were in my group. We got 20 sheets of newspaper, 4 straws, 1 A4 piece of paper, 1 A4 piece of plastic and 2 meters of string. We needed to have a cup for food and a cup for the water. It was fun and hard but we used team work to get the job done.

Tuesday: on Tuesday Hamilton went to Room 12. We made bridges. We had to use 50 straws, 10 Popsicle sticks, 1 card board, 2m string and 1 roll of tape. As usual we got split into groups. I was with Tiari, Franky,and Daniel.V. My job was to cut the tape. It was too slow to cut it so I just bit it. Our bridge had to hold 4kgs.I n the end our bridge only held 3.5kgs.

Wednesday:on my favourite day of the week (Wednesday) Hamilton went to room 16,and we made snail traps, and as always we made them in groups. I was with James, Jeremiah, Joshua and we built our snail trap with 30 straws and 1 roll of sellotape. I had to do the tape. It was good that everyone participated.

Thursday: on the last day of technology week Hamilton went to room 15 to make puff-mobiles but this time we made them individually. Everyone had a bag that included 3 straws, 4 Cheerios, 1 piece of paper, 2 paper clips and 50cm of tape. After that we race them, and the only way you could make them move was to blow them. Mine didn't go very far.

Technology week was VERY challenging but VERY fun,i still miss it.


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