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Monday, September 21, 2009

technology week

Last week was technology week. Technology week is a week where we get into groups and we rotate around the classrooms and have tasks that we have to do.

Monday: my group (William Hamilton) went to my classroom (room 13 ). In our classroom we made bird feeders but the bird feeder had to be one metre off the ground and had to be made out of 4 straws, 2 pieces of A4 paper , 20 sheets of newspaper and one sheet of plastic. It was pretty hard you really did have to work as a team! Unfortunately it wasn't such a success the water container leaked

Tuesday: on Tuesday my group made a bridge in room 12 with Nicky out of 50 straws,1 roll of sellotape,10 popsicle sticks,2 metres of string and 1 huge sheet of card board. It was very hard and had to hold 4 kg.

Wednesday: on Wednesday we made snail traps our snail traps had to be made out of around 20 straws, a cup and a roll of sellotape this was probably the hardest task of all though our snail trap worked!

Thursday: this was our last day and we were making puff mobiles in room 15 with Miss Margaret though Dorothy was taking it that day. We were given 2 paperclips, 4 Cheerios and one piece of paper. Mine wasn't the best but it still worked!

Wow what a fun week I cant wait for next time!


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