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Greetings Earthlings! This is the Room 13 blog. We have made this blog to showcase our work to the world...Our school is in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and it has around 320 kids. We are the oldest, so have lots of responsibilities...patrols, librarians, class leaders, monitors, technicians, band....it's so stressful being us!! Keep checking out our blog. We'll have videos, photos and examples of our work. We guarantee this blog will be out of this world.........
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the best week ever!

Technology week was great! My favourite activity was bridge making.
You had to make a bridge a meter long out of: A piece of card bored(80cm long),
50 straws, a roll of sellotape, 10 Popsicles sticks and 2 meters of string. Our bridge
weighed 4kg's. My second favourite activity was the puff Mobile. You had to make a
wind powered car out of:a piece of A4 paper,3 straws, 2 paper clips,4 Cheerios and
1 meter of sellotape. The other activityies were making a snail trap and making a bird
house with limited items. They were an utter failure...

By Ed

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