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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

technology week reflection

Last week in the kowhai team we had a technology week rotation. In each class was a different technology challenge. My favourite challenge was the bridge making in room 12, for it you had to build a bridge between a 50cm gap. In my group was Rishan and Tori our bridge held 3.504 kg. In room 16 you made snail traps, in room 13 you made bird feeders and in room 15 you made puff mobiles. My hardest challenge was the snail traps because it was hard to actually trap the snail and keep it in the trap and all you got to use was 30 small straws, one small plastic cup and a roll of cello tape. Also in room 13 (my class) was hard because my group designed ours to be in a tree but in the challenge it had to be attached to the ground and the platform had to be 60cm off the ground. Technology week was really fun and I hope I have it at Intermediate.


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