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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Technology week!

This week in the whole of the Senior School we did technology week. It
was based on technology and the inventions of New Zealand inventors. We did
four rotations on different challenges every day. We did some challenges on
Burt Munro like when we had to make a puff mobile out of...
.a piece of paper
.three straws
.four cheerios
.two paper clips
and a 50 cm tape of cello tape and race them by blowing.

We made a bridge across two tables with 4kg and some people did 11kg, a snail trap, and a bird feeder that had to be at lest 60cm off the ground. All of these things have changed my thinking. For example, thinking about how the bridge is going to hold 4kg or even 11kg and be stable, how the snail is going to be trapped in my trap, how to make the bird feeders legs to be stable and hold the water.

So technology week has really changed my thinking and always will. It helps you to do some other things in life, too. I liked making the bridge, and the puff mobile. I liked technology week a lot but the snail trap was the hardest of all.
by max.

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