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Monday, September 14, 2009

Reflection on Technology Week

-Rotation 1 Monday 7th 2009 class: 12

On Monday I went to Nicky's class and we did bridges I was in a group of four. They were Me, Jericho, Logan and Michael.
I thought that we worked really well as a group because we all had different ideas and we put them
together to make a really stable bridge.
The Materials that we used were:
1 piece of cardboard
1 meter of string
50 straws
1 roll of sellotape
Our bridge held 3.5kg we came second. The group that came first held 4KGS.

-Rotation 2 Tuesday 8th 2009 class: 16

In room 16 we did snail traps. I was in a group of four with Ariana, Sam, Faalollo and me.
We had:
30 Straws
1 roll of tape
1 cup
We went to test our snail trap. It looked perfect in the garden hopefully it will work.
Otalani tested it at night. The snail tried to get in but it didn't work because the hole was too small.

-Rotation 3 Wednesday 2009 class: 15

On Wednesday in room 15 we did puff mobiles we had:
4 Cheerios
3 straws
50cm of tape
1 piece of paper
Mine came 3rd It was really fun!

-Rotation 4 Thursday 2009 class: 13

In room 13 we did bird feeders our materials were:
1 roll of tape
30 Newspaper papers
1 meter of string
After we finished making them we did the water test my group came 1st equal!


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