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Monday, September 21, 2009

My reflection on technology week!!!!

This week rooms 12,13,15 and room 16 have been all taking part in an activity called technology week.
Technology week is when all of the kids from each room get put into 4 groups,this week the groups were called
Monroe , Britten, Hamilton and Pearse all the last names of famous people that have either done something famous or invented something famous that we now use.

On day 1 meaning Monday the group called Hamilton went to room 13 and the group called Monroe went to room 12 and the other group called Britten went to room 15 and pearse went to room 16.

Each day every group rotated so whoever was in room 13 would go to room 12 and whoever was in room 12 went to room 16 and whoever was in room 16 went to room 15 and whoever was in room 15 went to room 13.
In all the rooms we were given a brief which was a problem that we were given and we had to find a way to solve it with the items we were given.

In room 13 the problem was that we had to design a bird feeder with a food holder and also a water container that can hold
10 ml of water it also had to have a platform that was 60cm off the ground and it had to balance for 30 second.

In room 12 the brief was that you had to create a bridge that can hold 3 kgs using straws 2 desks and 1 roll of sellotape
and that was it.

But in rooms 15 and 16 it was completely different we had to make a snail trap and a cherio cars[not the sausage the cereal]

Room 15 had the cherio non sausage cars and in room 16 it was snail traps but all of the activities were cool!!!

I thought that technology week was awesome because personally it showed me that you can make a lot out of a little!

Yours sincerely Harmony your room 13 buddy!

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