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Greetings Earthlings! This is the Room 13 blog. We have made this blog to showcase our work to the world...Our school is in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and it has around 320 kids. We are the oldest, so have lots of responsibilities...patrols, librarians, class leaders, monitors, technicians, band....it's so stressful being us!! Keep checking out our blog. We'll have videos, photos and examples of our work. We guarantee this blog will be out of this world.........
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


These last 4 days we have had technology week. It was fun. We got to make things like bridges, cars, snail traps and bird feeds. The first thing we did was snail traps. We had 20 straws, 1 cup, 1/2 a roll of cello tape and scissors. When we made ours ( me and my group ) our plan was to put the cup under the ground and cut a hole on the top and put some double sided tape at the bottom so if a snail falls in it will get stuck to the bottom and it....................DIDN'T WORK! We got 0 snails.
Then we did the puff mobile. For materials we had 3 straws, 4 cheerios ( the cereal ) two paper clips and 50 Cms of tape. My plan was to put more sail per gram by putting a big sail on a kind of big car but apparently that won't work and you know what, they were right! It came 12th :-(.

Then we did the bird house. It had to hold 2 tsp of water and a foodtray and stand up and have a roof. Our plan was to make a base out of one piece of paper and make the 5 legs out of news paper and then a water container out of plastic and make the food tray out of the rest of the paper and for the fist time it worked (nearly) when they put the water and then it fell over!

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