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Greetings Earthlings! This is the Room 13 blog. We have made this blog to showcase our work to the world...Our school is in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and it has around 320 kids. We are the oldest, so have lots of responsibilities...patrols, librarians, class leaders, monitors, technicians, band....it's so stressful being us!! Keep checking out our blog. We'll have videos, photos and examples of our work. We guarantee this blog will be out of this world.........
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Emily's technology week


This whole week at Grey Lynn Primary we had technology week. We were all divided into four groups named Hamilton, Britten, Pearse and Munro. I was in Hamilton. It was amazing working with other people and Teachers too. On Monday I was in room 13 making a bird house with Michelle and Emily. I was in a group of four: Me, ,Jaclyn, Jeremia and Rishan. It was fun but abit of a challenge for me. Then on Tuesday I was in Nicky's class making a briage that has to hold 3 kgs. That was fantastic. I was placed into a group of three - Me, Louis and Toshi. On Wednesday I went into room 16 (Otalahi's class) to make a snail trap. That was a big challage for me again, because I was placed into a group of six. That was hard because everyone had so many ideas. Then on Thursday I was in room 15, the last class. This one was only for individual work. This activity was to make a puff mobile. It was crazy cause everyone had their own ideas and there were no arguments over anything. That's why I think it was my favourite activity out of the other activities of the week.

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