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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Room13 Technology Projects

In room 13 we made technology projects.Our brief was to create a bird scaring device that would help to keep birds away from the school gardens. It had to be 1metre times 1metre times 1metre and able to be made out materials easily found at school and/or home. Every kid in room 13 had to do the project by themselves.

We had to draft our ideas before even starting to build the actual project.We had to draw a range of designs and choose which idea you thought would be the most effective and all the pieces that would easily be found at school and home.

When some of the drafts where finished and checked we finally got going. Some of us ran into problems and had to modify our projects and others didn't. After a while all of us (room13 kids) were onto creating our projects. I was the first one finished creating and onto testing.

The test proved that my project worked and I didn't have to modify my project. I tested my project over the scrap bin and the test results were significant. 30 pigeons and sparrows unable or should I say too scared to get in or to the scrap bin. Compared to the day before without my project you could really tell the difference. The test results were 29 sparrows and pigeons able to get to the bin and get in without my project and 30 pigeons and sparrows unable to get to or in the scrap bin with my project.

By Alex .V.

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