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Friday, September 18, 2009

technology week!-Issey

On the 7th of september 2009,the Kowhai team at our school had technology week. How it works is we get put in 4 groups and then go around each classroom doing something to do with technology week. There are 4 classrooms in the Kowhai team. The 4 groups were Monro, Pearse, Hamilton and Britton.
On Monday my group Pearse went to Room 16. We were making snail traps. My group's was probably one of the best, but we didn't catch any thing. Anyway the only materials we could use were:30 straws,1 cup,and sellotape.

On Tuesday i went to Room 15. I think that this project was the most fun. We were making PUFF MOBILES. In this project we got to do it by ourselves. Me and my friend Lucy kept breaking and then eating our cheerios. For this project we got to use: 4 straws, 1 piece of paper, 4 cheerios and sellotape. Mine didn't go very far but it was fun.

On Wednesday i was in my class, Room 13. This task was quite hard. My group's didn't work. It just fell over and collapsed. We had to make a bird feeder only out of news paper, sellotape, 1 A4 piece of plastic and 4 pieces of A4 paper, and 4 straws. So of course ours wouldn't work.

Thursday was our last day. We were in room 12 and got to make bridges. Finally I got to be in a group with Sophie. I think our bridge was the best and our team worked really well together. All of the teams bridges could hold more than 4 kilos.
Throughout the week our class was making a technology progect to keep the birds away from the gardens. Most people made scarecrows but I made a bird house to attract the birds away from the gardens into my bird house. In the end it did work so I was pleased.

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