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Monday, September 14, 2009

the fabulous technology week

Day 1 : On day 1 at about 10:55 Emily ( our student teacher ) wrote something up on the board. It was written up with the classes names split into groups with room numbers next to it. .Just as I wondered what it was there for Emily told us .We were all split into group for technology week. For technology week we would going to be going to different teachers in the senior school and do different things. the first thing after lunch was go into miss Margaret's class room 15 . There we were making puff -mobiles . But there was a twist . we could only use :

4 straws
4 Cheerios
1 A4 piece of paper
2 paper clips
50 cm of tape

I got to work straight away ! Rip, cut, bang finally I was finished . I tested it out ! It was fabulous ! It came 2nd out of 24 people!

Day 2 : Day 2 I was with Emily in room 13 (my class room) . There we made bird houses. Our materials were :

20 pieces of paper
2 m of string
1 roll of tape
1 A4 piece of plastic
2 piece of A4 paper
4 straws

My group did well ! It could hold 2 teaspoons of water . The platform was 62 cm off the ground !

Day 3 :On day 3 I was with Nicky. We were making bridges with:

50 straws
9 sticks
170 cm of tape

The bridges had to hold 4 kg or more . My groups one held 4 kg . It could have held more.

Day 4 : On day 4 I made snail traps . There the group made a great snail trap . Hopefully it worked!

Day 1 (of technology in the class) : Emily told us that we had to do a project of our own. The project had to scare away garden pests . A project that could be no bigger than 1m by 1m by 1m . I immediately started !

Day 2 : Day 2 I brought in my materials . I then started working on it . Sweat poured down (not really). By the time I knew it was time to tidy up .

Day 3 : I built my project. It was fantastic and it had every thing it needed A cup full of water ready to spring on the bird . A stick to trigger the water . An upside down yogurt pot to hold every thing together.

Day 4 : I tested it out ! It was brilliant ! No birds came ! No birds at all !

I hope it will work if someone else makes it .

By Shayla

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